What to Expect

Life Church ServiceWe would love to do Life together with you!

Sundays from 10:00 - 11:30 am




What to Expect

Before the Service

  • Nursery, Preschool and Life Kids (K-5) check-in begins at 9:45 at the Children's Check-In station located to the left of the Welcome Center. Each child will receive a printed name tag, and the adult will receive a matching Pick-Up tag which must be presented when you pick up your child. Please plan to take your nursery and preschool children to class by 10:00 AM and keep your K-5th graders with you during worship in the sanctuary. They will be released to their teachers at the back of the sanctuary at the end of worship. 
  • The safety of our youth are our first priority. We pray you feel safe leaving your children with our volunteers as each volunteer has received a "Secure Search" background check verification.
  • If you need to keep your child with you and they become fussy, please visit the Atrium or Crying Room in the rear of the Sanctuary where you can comfortably sit while you see and hear the service.


  • From 9:45 to 10:00 AM, enjoy fellowship over a morning coffee in the Atrium.
  • If you're joining us for the first time, Bibles, monthly devotionals and prior weeks messages are available for FREE at the Media Resource Center in the atrium.

Welcome & Announcements

  • When the music begins to play, please find your seat in the Sanctuary and prepare your heart for the service.
  • Bulletins are available to keep you connected to the exciting things happening at Life Church and opportunities to serve in our community.
  • We want to know you! Please fill out the tear-off Response Card attached to your bulletin so we can pray for you, hear your ideas and keep you updated about upcoming events. Response Cards or Offerings may be placed in the baskets that are passed during the message or put in the locked box between the sanctuary doors.


  • Sorry, our fog machine is broken... Worship isn’t entertainment, it’s a time to tell God how wonderful He is! We draw near to Him through music and praise.
  • We also worship through personal testimonies as someone shares their "Life Story" in an interview with a pastor. These truthful testimonies demonstrate God's faithfulness and offer hope in the midst of sickness, unfaithfulness, addiction and despair.
  • Please feel free to partake of open communion on either side of the sanctuary, where there are also people available to pray and talk with you. We share communion together as a congregation on the first Sunday of the month.


  • The Sunday sermon is sometimes humorous, often insightful, and always Biblical, culturally relevant and personally challenging.
  • Junior and Senior High Students (grades 6-12) will go to their class immediately following worship and communion to partake in a lesson designed to meet them right where they are in their current walk through Life.


  • Respond to the message through prayer and worship.