Your generous giving helps Life Church be the hands and feet of Christ. When you give to Life Church, 10% or more of your tithes and offerings are immediately set aside to help our community and Life Church families through our Benevolence Fund. A Benevolence Committee comprised of Marilyn Grubb, Hal Harnden and Lara Price meets each month to prayerfully consider how the money should be distributed. Our first priority is helping our own families with expenses such as medical bills, car payments, mortgages, auto repairs, utilities, counselling, education, conferences, Ministry School tuition, Financial Peace Unversity membership, funeral expenses, groceries, insurance, or meals after sickness or funerals.

We also regularly support the following ministries and agencies with financial gifts, volunteers and other resources:


Life Ladies Ministry






Engage Men's Ministry






Naomi's Sisters Widows Ministry






Bickford Nursing Home Ministry