Waiting By My Jordan

“Even as faithful followers of Jesus, we are sometimes left waiting and wondering how and when God will answer our prayers. He loves when we share our hearts with him; our dreams and desires, our fears and our disappointments. And I believe we bring a smile to His face as we seek answers and yet wait patiently, resting in His timing and wisdom, knowing He’s preparing exactly what’s best for us. Here’s something I wrote a few years back expressing those exact same sentiments. Enjoy!”
~Pastor Mitch
Waiting By My Jordan
I sit and sigh and wonder why
I can’t crossover . . . still.
Is it punishment, a mistake, a twisted touch of fate,
or worse yet, just not your will?
Too hard, not enough, focused on the wrong stuff,
I’m weary with lies and doubt.
Am I too timid, too sure, too unworthy, too immature?
Why can’t I figure it out?
2 months, 2 years, or 10,000 tears,
How much longer does it have to be?
By my Jordan I sit, with campfire lit,
gazing at the promise I seek.
Why give the desire, allow hope to soar higher
with that promise just out of reach.
Bring me in, give a clue, tell me just what to do.
What lesson are you trying to teach?
Though hurt and fear stay continually near;
while disappointment is all I that see,
through ups and downs, smiles and frowns,
I know you’ll never forsake me!
You are good and kind with my interests in mind.
You’re committed to giving the best.
So, I’ll wonder and wander, wait and ponder,
and in Your arms I’ll continue to rest.
~ Mitch Price 7/12/06

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