Then He Smiled At Me

All too often, this time of the year, many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and lose perspective on what’s really important. It’s one of the most overused clichés this time of year, but does anyone really pay attention to the “reason for the season”? Most people, “Christian” or not, seem to spend more time planning for a visit from a make-believe, chubby ole, watered-down version of an old saint, than celebrating the birth of Jesus during CHRISTmas. A little ironic isn’t it?!

Usually around Thanksgiving, in anticipation of Christmas, I start listening to some of the local radio stations and their 24 hours of Christmas songs. Recently, in the midst of my normal comatose reaction to the non-stop Christmas cheer, I managed to actually pay attention to the words to “The Little Drummer Boy”. It suddenly became more than a song.

A little background: At different times in my life, I struggle with not feeling good enough; not a good enough husband, not a good enough father, not good enough at my job, and certainly not a good enough Christian. What do I have to give anyone? Is it ever really enough? My family deserves so much more, I tell myself. Someone else could do what I’m doing better than me, right? I couldn’t possibly be good enough to satisfy God. Could I?

So, I’m sitting in my car totally captivated by this song, empathizing with every word that this little boy is uttering: “I am a poor boy too . . .. I have no gift to bring . . . that’s fit to give our King!” Wow, it’s like he’s reading my mind! I know exactly how he feels! But then he does something I don’t do often enough; he offers his seemingly insignificant gift anyway. “Shall I play for you . . . on my drum? I played my drum for Him . . . I played my best for Him!” The tears began to flow as the song finishes with: “Then He smiled at me . . . me and my drum!” Oh, the true joy in having the God of the universe smile at me!

You see, it’s normal to feel unworthy of God.  After all, He is perfect!  But in His perfection, He knows that we never will be.  We are, by our sinful nature, fallible, destined to mess up and fall short, and pursue our own sinful desires. It was for this very reason Jesus (sent by God) was born, and willingly went to the cross to die. All so we could be reconciled to God. Jesus died for all our shortcomings, our guilt, our shame, our hurts, our sin, etc.  For mine!  For yours! For everyone’s!

He doesn’t want the perfect gift. He just wants whatever you can give. He just wants you. If you feel a million miles away from Him, but you are willing to move even an inch towards Him, he’ll come the entire rest of the way towards you. That’s His promise! He doesn’t care who you are or what you’ve done. When you come to Him with a humble and sincere heart, offering Him whatever you have, you will bring a smile to His face and warm the very heart of God!

God bless us everyone!  Merry Christmas!

~ Pastor Mitch


2 thoughts on “Then He Smiled At Me”

  1. This truly touched my heart! What could we possibly bring that would be good enough for our King? I truly believe that God just wanrs us to use the gifts He gave us to help others. I like to think He smiles each time we do this. I love how well this song illustrates that! Thanks for sharing your love of the Lord, Mitch! Merry Christmas!

  2. Great story and very true application! So glad that my ‘not good enough’ does not keep Him from smiling at me. Thanks.

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