Simple Faith: I Hope to Escape my Own Orbit…

As perhaps you already know, Juno, NASA’s space probe, has reached the outer orbit of Jupiter. Launched in 2011, NASA spokesmen report the Juno space probe is the most complex and difficult space project they’ve ever attempted. I’m not a space geek, but I am quietly excited by their/our accomplishment. The radiation, however, is so high on Jupiter that it remains a calculated mystery as to how Juno’s equipment will handle the contamination. Another major concern is keeping Jupiter’s virginal integrity intact. As a result, NASA has painstakingly calculated Juno’s demise. They accept there’s no coming back with the space probe and so it is designed to disintegrate after transmitting reams of important data. Their primary concern isn’t the disintegration of Juno but that its wreckage doesn’t pollute the planet for future explorations.
1It occurs to me the current moral/social climate here on earth shares some similarities with the space probe and its orbit of Jupiter; although exciting, I believe its proven to be extremely toxic. Like Juno, we entered a toxic orbit—aka the 60’s social experiment we euphemistically called “free love”. It’s a cultural revolution where personal freedoms are taken to unlimited excesses and personal rights are valued over the greater good. Ultimately this abandoning of our forefathers’ Judeo-Christian ethic has resulted in alarming levels of civil, radio-active toxicity. I wonder…are we on a parallel orbit with Juno that will result in our own self-destruction?
As a spiritual teacher, I’m greatly concerned about the radio-active fallout to which our culture has exposed itself. While social commentators argue our primary concerns are personal rights, finances and national security, I’m quietly (at least up to this point) convinced our problem is personal. It’s an inside-out problem. I’m afraid we’ve carelessly mortgaged our future. Once upon a time we based our social and civil behavior on the generally accepted belief that there is a benevolent God in Heaven who’s greater than humankind. But sadly, the trajectory of our social space probe we launched in the 1960’s has sucked us into the orbit of a highly toxic atmosphere.
Today’s “more highly evolved” intellectuals continue to urge us further into this failed social experiment. In my humble opinion, our problem isn’t related to encroachment on our personal freedoms or finances or the threat of outside forces upon our nation but rather our own tendency to self-destruct. The Scriptures confirm our problem isn’t the world around us or even the circumstances we face, but rather the root of our problem is the moral foundation upon which we choose to stand (or fail to stand).
Since my boyhood, I’ve watched each generation reach deeper into the self-indulging premise that moral or civil behavior can be cast aside with a wink—based on the hell-bent premise that “what I do in private is my own business.” I’m sorry…but that dog just won’t hunt! What each of us does in the privacy of our own thoughts results in an inexorable radioactive wave emanating outward to our family, friends and neighbors. The character of our political insiders only reflects the character of our culture in general. We have become collaborators with the social engineers who are openly declaring we can be whatever we want and do whatever we feel. We’ve abandoned god-given safety barriers like honoring God, the sanctity of marriage and the courtesy of civility. Even the godless of our nation are beginning to express their concern for our overall lack of civility.
(OK, breathe Ron, this column is not a platform for your personal rants…)
Dear reader, I do hope you’ll forgive my diatribe even if you don’t share my opinions and concerns. However, I am hopeful. I believe there is a way to escape the gravity of this toxic planet we’re orbiting, but I don’t believe it will happen from the top down through politics or government. Rather, I see it happening from the inside out—through each of us, looking in faith toward our God.
The sage old Apostle Paul once wielded incredible political power but left it all behind to follow Jesus Christ’s way of living. He writes:
“There is a root of sinful self-interest in us that is at odds with a free spirit…these two ways of life are antithetical, so that you cannot live at times one way and at times another way according to how you feel on any given day. Why don’t you choose to be led by the Spirit and so escape the erratic compulsions of a law-dominated existence?” (Galatians 5 MSG)
I hope you will join me in this proven form of personal and social wisdom. I believe we will all be the better for it. RG

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