Homeward Bound


Nowadays, I find myself in deep longing and not even sure why. I know I’m longing for college football to start up again, and longing to see our entire church family gathered together each Sunday, and longing to see live music more often, and to see friends and family I haven’t seen in a long while, but there’s seems to be more to my heart’s yearning than this. And I’ve lived long enough to know that many times as I finally arrive at the big “things” I’ve been highly anticipating, they fall way short of my expectations. Not that they’re a total bust, but just that sometimes the “sizzle is better than the steak.” On our most recent trip to Lake Cumberland we decided to spruce up the week by getting a wave runner one day. Everyone was really excited and couldn’t wait to zip around the lake while the others enviously looked on from the pontoon boat, eager for their turns. And you know what, it was fun. But, not as much fun as I had thought it was gonna be. It simply couldn’t measure up to this colossal experience I was sure it would be.

Now I don’t mean to over-generalize, or to be a “negative Nelly.” I am the same guy who strives to find contentment, satisfaction, and joy in the simplest of everyday occurrences. And yet, isn’t it true that too often in life we’re left with “Was that it?” The group Switchfoot had a great song a few years back titled “Something More,” in which they sang, “There’s gotta be something more, than what I’m living for.” Does that resonate with you? I know it does with me. Regardless of the successes or failures, the highs and the lows, and the met and unmet expectations of this world, we can feel it in our bones that there has to be more than this. Well I’ve got some great news – – There is much more!

In Ecclesiastes 3:11 Solomon lets us know that God has set eternity in our hearts! We have been pre-wired to long for eternal life with a wonderful, perfectly holy, perfectly good Father who loves us deeply and completely. It is natural for us to crave more than this world has to offer. The Bible has made it very clear that this is not our home. We are simply ambassadors in a foreign land.

I’ve been fortunate to have vacationed a lot out West, and so appreciate God’s creation in all its magnificence. This “peek into God’s foyer” makes my heart ache for heaven even more. But after a long trip, I still find myself excited to be headed home. Let me tell you, our longing for our eternal home is all part of the plan, we’ll be there before you know it, and it will blow every expectation we’ve ever imagined clear out of the water.

~ Pastor Mitch