Driven to Distraction

On a hill faraway…. sometimes it does seem faraway, doesn’t it? And in the events of history, it was. Almost 2000 years have passed since Jesus hung on the cross as a tried (although unfairly) and convicted criminal. It was so long ago that sometimes it can feel unreal to us. Like maybe it never really happened. That’s one of the many reasons we remember Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. So that we can really take another good look. Read the accounts of the crucifixion and resurrection. Re-read the events that we are so familiar with.

Revisiting and remembering is such an important thing to do because when events get too far in the past, we can often gloss them over or forget how important they were. It’s important to do even if it means revisiting how heinous they were. Events in history change people and events in history change culture. We would be absolutely remiss to miss that and pretend they didn’t happen, choose to forget, or choose to ignore.

As followers of Jesus our faith hinges on what happened all those years ago. It hinges on the fact that Jesus died a horrible death on a wooden cross and was raised again three days later and it is so very important that we take time away from our earthly distractions to remember. Pastor and Author J.D. Greear stated in his “Easter” study that he believes more souls are lost to distraction than they are to unbelief. I agree. Many of the people surrounding Jesus at the time of His crucifixion were so distracted by culture, fear, politics, and what they expected the Messiah to look like that they didn’t give Jesus any credence or consideration as the Messiah. They just wanted Him out of the way. The distractions were too loud, their priorities were too far askew, and they didn’t remember what prophecy taught about the Messiah. They were only worried about their agendas and the majority didn’t recognize Him. Until the sky went dark.

We’ve all learned in our current culture that distracted driving kills people. Now we know that distracted living does as well. We also know that distracted living helped to put Jesus on that cross. “Despised and rejected of men” He was. But He doesn’t have to be now. We all have a choice to make.

Let’s stop the distracted living friends. Let’s remember, refocus, reprioritize, and rest. Remember that Jesus died so that we could live a life for Him-not the things of this world. Remember He was condemned so that we would be set free. Refocus on the One who was despised and rejected so we could be accepted. Reprioritize our lives to put Jesus first. And as believers, rest in this- “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”-Romans 8:1.

“Heavenly Father thank you for sending your Son to save our lives. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us just that much that you would bear our sins. It is a debt you didn’t owe and one we could never repay. Please help us to ever remember that on a hill faraway you bore our suffering and shame and because you live, we can face tomorrow with joy and great expectation. In Your Holy Name we pray-AMEN.”

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