Make A Difference In Our City

Do you want to know how YOU can Make a Difference In Our City? Here’s how…

Holiday Donation Drive, this year we are partnering with Fairfield County Job & Family Services to help brighten this season for some needy children in our community. Be sure to stop by our Giving Tree at our Connect Center just outside the sanctuary. Grab an ornament or two which lists a child’s name & age as well as something they need (or want) this Christmas. The gifts and ornament are due back by Sunday Dec 10th.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Lancaster is looking for Bigs. There are 65 Littles in need of a mentor & friend. All ages of mentors are needed: high school, college, working and retired adults. Be an active part in bringing positive change in our community. Contact BBBS at 740-687-9477 or

Breakfast 4 U Pleasantville could use your help packaging breakfast bags for school-age children every Tuesday 6pm at Pleasantville UMC. Usually takes about 30 minutes.

Foundation Shelters is looking for someone to open the shelter at 5pm in the colder months. If you have heart for the homeless, call (740) 653-1960.

Foundation Dinners is now able to have a limited number of volunteers help in food preparation as well as counseling, job search assistance and more to help express compassion to those who need it here in Lancaster. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Rick Chrysler at 740-974-4256.

Scioto Youth Camp needs directors for the Junior Camp (grades 4-6) this summer, June 27–July 3 and for Senior High Camp (grades 9-12), June 13-19. If interested, contact Donna Taylor (740) 974-3484, [email protected] or Audra King 740-988-8589, [email protected].

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