Your generous giving helps Life Church be the hands and feet of Christ. When you give to Life Church, 10% or more of your tithes and offerings are immediately set aside to help our community and Life Church families through our Benevolence Fund. A Benevolence Committee comprised of Marilyn Grubb, Hal Harnden, Natasha Hudnell and Chris Sargent meets each month to prayerfully consider how the money should be distributed. Our first priority is helping our own families with expenses such as medical bills, car payments, mortgages, auto repairs, utilities, counselling, education, conferences, Ministry School tuition, Financial Peace Unversity membership, funeral expenses, groceries, insurance, or meals after sickness or funerals.

We also regularly support the following ministries and agencies with financial gifts, volunteers and other resources:

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Online Giving


Text to Give

There is a new, convenient and secure way to give to Life Church! Simply text an amount and the keyword GIVELIFE to 30131. That's it! Here are several examples, just substitute the amount you would like to give:

  • Text "10 givelife" to 30131                          
  • Text "$20.00 GIVELIFE" to 30131
  • Text "5.00 givelife" to 30131
  • Text "$15 GIVELIFE" to 30131

Dollar signs, decimals and capitalization are all optional; all you have to do is put the amount and the keyword GIVELIFE on the same line in your text message. When you give for the first time, you will receive a link to set up your debit or credit card. Charges will appear on your credit card bill or bank statement, not your phone bill.  Thank you for your faithful giving to Life Church!


Online Giving FAQ's

Do I need an account online in order to make a donation?

  • Yes, and it's really easy to setup your own account. Click "Need an Account" on the login screen above. You'll enter your email address and verify a security code that is sent to your address. You may be prompted to enter your name, birthdate, and gender. That's it!

Why would I want to give online?

  • Security and convenience make online transactions increasingly popular. Plus, Life Church enjoys administrative savings (manual check processing and record keeping add up in a hurry). You also can take advantage of the discipline that recurring donations can provide for your giving.

How do I get started giving online?

  1. Log in to Online Giving here or here
  2. Select "Giving" to:
  • Make a new donation
  • Set up and manage recurring donations
  • View you Giving History

Is my online giving secure?

  • Yes. Every transaction is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same industry-standard encryption trusted for online commerce with world-class financial organizations.

When will the transaction go on my account?

  • You set the date when you want the transaction to process.

Can I use an e-check for my donation?

  • Yes! In fact it's the best way to give so that Life Church can avoid paying a 2-4% transaction fee for every credit card transaction.

Can I give as little or as much as I want?

  • Donations must be a minimum of $5.00 and there are no limitations on the maximum amount.

What if I make a mistake and need to have a completed transaction reversed?

  • Contact the church office immediately at 855-235-4525 so your situation can be handled appropriately.