Launch Team

Launch Team

God leads through leaders. According to Ephesians 4:11, Christ appoints pastoral leaders who submit to the oversight of an apostolic leader. Life Church is submitted to the authority of Mark Pfeifer and the Soma Family. We have also appointed a group of people who meet regularly with us to serve as the “Launch Team” for this ...

Babies Welcome!

Nursery Now Available!

Babies Welcome!

A fully-staffed Nursery is now available for newborns through 24 months! If you'd rather keep your baby with you, there's a "Crying Room" with comfortable seats where you can see and hear the service. And check out Life Kids, an action-packed Bible teaching for Preschool through 5th Grade.

House Numbers

Living the Good Life

House Numbers

Like house numbers on your street, chapter and verse numbers found throughout the Bible help us to quickly locate the most remote portion of Scripture and pinpoint important statements that help us more effectively navigate our everyday-lives. These numbers were not put there by the original authors, but were placed there by well ...

Just Act Justly

Robert Sargent Shriver Jr.

Did you know Robert Sargent Shriver Jr.? He might not be a household name, but we all know the organizations he founded or led: Head Start, Job Corps, Community Action, Special Olympics, Legal Services, Neighborhood Health Services... and let's not forget the Peace Corps. Brother-in-law to John F. Kennedy, Shriver also served as ...

1-15-2011 First Service

  • Ron Grubb & Jason Grubb, Life Church – Introductions and announcements
  • Dennis Coll, Covenant Christian Church – Welcome
  • Mark Pfeifer, SOMA – Church Covering
  • Ron Grubb, Message – Walk Humbly, Micah 6:8

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The DNA of Life

DNA shows up when we least expect. It surfaces when we’re exhilarated, irritated, or exhausted – when we’re are at our best and when we’re at our worst. It represents our core values, the “defaults” that are pre-set into our personal lives. One of the most challenging aspects of a new endeavor like Life Church is ...

What is Life Kids?

Life Kids

Life Kids is an action-packed Bible teaching for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. When you bring your children to Life Kids, they will learn Christ's teachings from caring adults using entertaining, fast-paced and humorous lessons. Each lesson is geared for a specific age group so that children can use and apply what they have learned. In ...

Are You Ready, Kids?

Life Church loves Kids!

Hey, Life Kids! You won’t believe the fun we're going to have when we get together on Saturday nights.  If you like laughing, singing, dancing, puppeteering, and hanging out with your friends while also learning about the Lord, you’re in the right place when you attend Life Kids. Why don’t you bring a friend along with you, ...

The Times They Are A-Changin’

My earliest memories are of attending Sunday School in a low-ceilinged basement where good people used Flannelgraphs to teach me about Jesus.  (Flannelgraphs are a flannel-covered board where the teacher arranges Bible characters cut out of felt…like pre-historic Velcro.) Church didn’t change much during the first thirty years of my life. We sang the same ...

Saturday Night Life

The Church Lady won

In the past, I have invited folks I’m in relationship with to church but for whatever reason they would never take me up on it. But with the announcement of Life Church, several of these same friends have contacted me and let me know they plan on checking it out! That’s ...