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Welcome to Life Church! Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. We’ll share worship and fellowship, teaching and ministry time. Life Kids leaders will engage your children in learning about Christ’s love, and High Life Student Ministries makes God's word relevant and realistic for middle and high school students. For a midweek refresher, join a Life Group. We welcome you to our family!

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Simple Faith: A Star is Born

starThe internet has provided countless thousands the opportunity to trace their historical ancestry through specialized websites. It continues to be a popular study for many, providing immeasurable satisfaction to those who seek to verify their personal heritage. Apparently, when we know from whom we’ve come; what kind of people we were, where we lived, and […] Read more

Simple Faith Devo: The Good and the Bad

wheelchairMy wife, Marilyn, once experienced a powerful, personal revelation while working as the office manager at a busy mental health clinic. One of her many responsibilities was to create and maintain a crowded schedule of counseling appointments for a cadre of mental health care professionals and their patients. This involved countless phone calls to patients […] Read more

I’m Grateful it’s Uphill

sledI recently drove past my boyhood home on Lake Road just southeast of North Berne, and was encouraged to see the current owner steadily working to restore its faded glory. More than one hundred annual cycles of frozen winds and baking sun have taken their toll… but there it stood, proudly atop its own hill. […] Read more

Lancaster School of Ministry

Do you want to study the Bible and learn how to apply Scripture? Our weekly classes are intense, but students leave energized and empowered. The Lancaster School of Ministry is accessible, affordable and achievable – and you get an accredited degree!
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Weekly Devos

Real life dramas written by our own staff will often amuse you and always inspire you to see God's sense of humor and His hand in the details of our daily lives. Sign up in the "Stay Connected" box to receive a new Devo in your Inbox each week.
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